What Is Distance Learning? And Why Is It So Important

Effectiveness and costs of distance education using computer-mediated communication. U.S. Naval War College extends its rigorous, executive-level programs beyond campus through the College of Distance Education. An alternative to the resident programs in Newport, these programs are delivered online or through faculty-led seminars on location.

Among Internet users, 80% use social networks, which is a higher percentage than the European Union average. Mobile Internet access is 84% and maintains a strong growth trend . The University of London welcomes the newest members of its community of learners with new online degrees in Psychology and Data Science.

Also, keep in mind that state-sponsored prepaid plans provide maximum benefits when the student attends an in-state public college. If the student attends an in-state private school or an out-of-state school, the plan may yield only a refund of contributions without interest or a refund with a small amount of interest. In recessionary periods, when state tax revenues may decline and stock market returns may be lower than expected, state-sponsored prepaid tuition plans may have difficulty fulfilling their obligation to investors. Historically, under these conditions, prepaid plans have either closed to new investors or increased their pricing for new investors. Nevertheless, the risk that prepaid plans may not be able to fulfill their obligation to investors does exist.

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The Education Department will provide guidance later for a maintenance of equity clause, which governs funding for schools with concentrated poverty. Last month, the department released aninterim rulelaying out a process for states to develop and submit plans for spending their share of the $123 billion the American Rescue Plan reserved for public K-12 schools. The department also provided a template for state plans, which must be submitted by June 7.


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