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A 2017 NCAA survey revealed that Division I athletes dedicate an average of 35 hours per week to their sport during the season. Before we dive into the debate over paying student-athletes, let's be clear about the NCAA's position. Its regulations state, "You are not eligible for participation in a sport if you have ever ever … taken pay, or the promise of pay, for competing in that sport … used your athletics skill for pay in any form in that sport." Billions of dollars are swirling around college sports, and everyone is getting a piece of the action. The top 25 football coaches take home an average of $5.2 million, while the top 25 basketball coaches bring in $3.2 million. In 41 states, the highest-paid public employee is a football or basketball coach.

Portugal, a country located at the western end of the European continent, has a resident population of just over 10 million people . Data collected by Instituto Nacional de Estatistica in 2019 indicated that almost 81% of households in Portugal had Internet access at home. According to the Portuguese National Statistical Institute , the rate of Internet use by the adult population is about 76%. Among this population, people who attend or have completed secondary and higher education have a higher percentage of Internet use (98%) . Most of our programmes are designed to be studied online, independently.

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The government continues to support fee-free primary education for classes 1–8 and tuition-free secondary assistance for Forms 1–6. Several new policy initiatives were introduced, since 2002, and these include the payment of premiums required by the Native Land Trust Board for new leases to nongovernment-owned schools on native leased land. Boarding school assistance is being extended to all rural boarding schools as well as secondary boarding schools.


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